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Why Choose Tesla
Accelerating Discovery and Insight at Scale
The Accelerated Computing Platform for Datacenters

The NVIDIA® Tesla® Accelerated Computing Platform is the leading platform for accelerating big data analytics and scientific computing. The platform combines the world's fastest GPU accelerators, the widely used CUDA® parallel computing model,
and a comprehensive ecosystem of software developers, software vendors, and datacenter system OEMs to accelerate discovery and insight. With advanced system management features, accelerated communication technology, and supported by popular infrastructure management software, the Tesla platform provides high performance computing professionals the tools to easily build, test, and deploy accelerated applications in the datacenter.

Accelerating discovery and insight with the Tesla Accelerated Computing Platform
Why Choose Tesla
Highest Delivered Performance
Delivered application performance is more than raw flops. Computational professionals depend on mission critical applications to accelerate discoveries and insights at scale. It starts with the world's fastest accelerators and includes a reliable infrastructure, the ability to monitor and manage that infrastructure, and the ability to quickly move data where it is needed. The NVIDIA Tesla Accelerated Computing Platform provides all of these to deliver unprecedented performance in scientific, analytics, engineering, consumer, and enterprise applications.
  K80 Max Performance
The World's Fastest GPU Accelerators
• Up to 2.91 TFlops double precision performance and
  Up to 8.74 TFlops single precision performance on
  the Tesla K80 GPU Accelerator
• Maximum performance for every application with
  NVIDIA® GPU Boost™ Technology
• Increased performance for large data sets with large
  on-board memory (24 GB on the Tesla K80 GPU
• Increased throughput to ensure data is available
  when needed with fast memory bandwidth
  (480 GB/s on the Tesla K80 GPU Accelerator)
• Uncompromised data reliability with Error Correcting
  Codes (ECC) protection for internal GPU memory
  and ECC plus Dynamic Page Retirement for external
  GDDR5 memory
Fast Communication
Tesla K80
• Up to 2x faster application performance with NVIDIA NVLINK
  interconnect technology in future
• Fast bi-directional communication with the dual DMA engines
  of Tesla GPU accelerators
• Accelerated communication across nodes, with network and
  storage devices, and between GPUs using NVIDA GPUDirect
Reliable Infrastructure Management
• Easy monitoring and management of GPU clusters with NVIDIA
  system management tools
• Enterprise-class InfiniBand, CUDA and OS drivers
• High performance CUDA driver for Windows OS to reduce CUDA
  kernel overhead and to enable Windows Remote Desktop and
  Windows Services
• Seamless application deployment with ISV Certification for Tesla
  GPU Accelerators
• Zero error tolerance stress testing Enterprise level support with
  three-year warranty for all Tesla products Optional extended
  support for selected products
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Last updated 8/11/2016