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Server Solutions
Tesla GPU Accelerators for Servers  
Tesla K80

Accelerate your most demanding HPC, hyperscale, and enterprise data center workloads with NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU Accelerators.

Scientists can now crunch through petabytes of data up to 10x faster than with CPUs in applications ranging from energy exploration to deep learning. Plus, Tesla accelerators deliver the horsepower needed to run bigger simulations faster than ever before. For enterprises deploying VDI, Tesla accelerators are perfect for accelerating virtual desktops to any user, anywhere.

Accelerator Performance
CPU: 12 cores, E5-2697v2 @ 2.70GHz. 64GB System Memory, CentOS 6.2. GPU: Single Tesla K80, Boost enabled or Single Tesla K40, Boost Enabled
Accelerating Your Data Center with the Right Tesla GPU
Strong-Scale HPC
Tesla P100 GPU Accelerator
The NVIDIA Tesla P100 is the most advanced data center accelerator ever built, a brand new GPU architecture to deliver the world’s fastest compute node.
Multi-App HPC
Tesla K80 GPU Accelerator
Tesla K40 GPU Accelerator
The NVIDIA Tesla K80 Accelerator dramatically lowers datacenter cost by delivering application performance with fewer, more powerful servers.
The flexible Tesla K40 GPU accelerator effortlessly tackles high performance computing and data analytics applications.
Hyperscale HPC
Tesla M4 GPU Accelerator
Tesla M40 GPU Accelerator
The Tesla M4 GPU brings the power of the Tesla Accelerated Computing Platform to the hyperscale data center. This is a low-power, small form factor GPU accelerator optimized for video transcoding, image processing, and machine learning inference that efficiently offloads demanding applications and boosts data center throughput.
The Tesla M40 GPU Accelerator is purpose-built for deep learning training and is the world's fastest deep learning training accelerator for data center. Tesla M40 is based on NVIDIA Maxwell™ architecture and a Tesla M40 server outperforms CPU server by 13x.
Enterprise Virtualization
Tesla M6 GPU Accelerator
Tesla M60 GPU Accelerator
The Tesla M6 GPU Accelerator is designed specifically for data centers that are virtualizing desktop graphics. It comes in an MXM form factor running at less than 100W for high-density data centers with blade servers and converged infrastructure and can support 16 concurrent users.
This accelerator is designed specifically for data centers that are virtualizing desktop graphics. It's a dual-slot PCI Express form factor for rack and tower servers capable of supporting 32 concurrent users.
Tesla Platform Solutions for IT Managers
Some of the world's largest data centers take advantage of Tesla accelerators to deliver unprecedented system throughput. The Tesla Platform supports industry-standard applications and system management tools, making it easier than ever before for IT managers to maximize uptime and system performance.

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Last updated 8/11/2016