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LSI Syncro™ Shared Storage

LSI Syncro
  Syncro™ CS High Availability Solution
LSI Syncro CS 9286-8e

LSI Syncro CS 9286-8e solution is a simple, smart high availability (HA) / uptime solution for remote and branch offices (ROBO), small-to-medium businesses (SMB), and Enterprise IT customers. This affordable HA solution, built on MegaRAID technology, is designed to deliver enterprise benefits of shareable, scalable direct attach storage (DAS) architecture at the right price point bringing shared storage and controller failover to DAS environments. The Syncro CS 9286-8e solution offers fully redundant shared storage and application failover without requiring expensive or complex storage area networks – putting high availability within the reach of organizations that once considered it impractical.

Using two RAID-enabled controller cards, the Syncro CS 9286-8e solution allows an administrator to build a redundant, simplified server failover cluster with volume servers and an off-the-shelf JBOD. Syncro CS uses storage clustering where controller to controller connectivity is provided through the SAS interface, providing more efficient shared server storage and continuous availability for DAS environments. It also allows for resource load balancing, helping to ensure that applications are using the most responsive server to boost performance and help prevent any one server from being overburdened.

Syncro CS 9286-8e Solution

  Syncro™ CS Cluster-in-a-box Solution
LSI Syncro CS 9271-8i

LSI Syncro CS 9271-8i solution in approved Cluster-in-a-box (CiB) systems brings simple and smart to the next level. LSI and Microsoft collaborated to develop lower-cost, Windows-based high availability (HA) server clustering solutions for Remote Office Branch Office (ROBO) and Small and Medium Business (SMB) environments. LSI Syncro CS 9271-8i solutions are designed to provide high availability uptime at a fraction of the cost and complexity of existing HA solutions. Built on MegaRAID technology, Syncro CS 9271-8i solutions use two storage RAID controllers with two servers to provide a redundant, simplified server failover cluster. The Syncro CS 9271-8i controllers deliver high availability by integrating two server nodes and storage in a single CiB form factor.

The Syncro CS 9271-8i solution in approved CiB systems delivers a redundant, 2-server node cluster with shared storage for environments where form factor is critical. Since the CiB is a single self-contained unit, installation of the Syncro CS 9271-8i solution can be conducted during system assembly- simple and smart.

Syncro CS 9271-8i Solution

  Syncro™ MX-B Rack Boot Appliance
Syncro MX-B

The Syncro MX-B Rack Boot Appliance is the first system of its kind that serves as a standalone, pre-configured, 1U form factor rack boot system for up to 48 servers, designed to significantly increase reliability while reducing overall system costs and maintenance for the large cloud and mega datacenter environments. By removing up to 48 individual boot volumes, and replacing them with the single Syncro MX-B Rack Boot Appliance, cloud and mega datacenter customers can dramatically reduce a common failure point in rack-base servers while increasing reliability/availability/serviceability (RAS), ease-of-use and power savings.

Syncro MX-B 6480, 48-port, 1U Rack Boot Appliance

Syncro MX-B 6240, 24-port, 1U Rack Boot Appliance



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Last updated 4/11/2016