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PivotStor AP Series

The PivotStor AP Series tape libraries provide reliable, automated data protection for organizations that require affordable unattended data protection, and have outgrown the capabilities of entry-level tape autoloaders. Offering cost effectiveness not available in most tape autoloaders, you can more easily free-up valuable IT resources, further minimize human error, backup more data quickly, and generate offsite archive copies of your critical data to meet your growing data retention requirements, and reinforce your business continuity plan.

PivotStor AP Series rack-mountable tape libraries are available in LTO4, LTO5, and LTO6 models with the flexibility of either Fibre Channel (FC), SAS or SCSI connectivity. They come out of the box ready to be installed and connected to either a server or SAN, and they feature an easy-to-use operator control panel (OCP) and a web browser-based remote management user (RMU) interface to execute setup and diagnostics, check library status, operations and logs, and upgrade firmware.

The AP Series is available in three configurations:
2U rack-mount configuration
2U models can hold up to 24 tapes in 2 12-slot magazines, with a capacity capability of up to 72TB, and is ideal for customers who are moving from direct-attach tape drives or tape autoloaders.
4U rack-mount configuration
4U models can hold up to 48 tapes in 4 12-slot magazines, with a capacity capability of up to 144TB.
8U rack-mount configuration
8U models can hold up to 96 tapes in 8 12-slot magazines, with a capacity capability of up to 288TB.

Included with the AP-Series tape library is mounting hardware, power cords, interface cable (SAS and SCSI) and the PivotStor Tape Management CD (all models). And PivotStor BalanceCare Service starts with a 1-year, advance replacement limited warranty as standard with every PivotStor AP Series Tape Library, with installation and service contract warranty options available for every model.


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Last updated 9/2/2016