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NetVault® TrueCDP™
Recover data for today's ambitious RPO & RTO demands - not last decade's
NetVault TrueCDP is the best solution for protecting high value, time sensitive data in Linux environments. NetVault TrueCDP provides you with the functionality required to minimize data loss to seconds as opposed to hours; meeting the demands of even the most ambitious business continuity requirements — in a simple and cost effective solution. Tightly integrated with BakBone's award winning NetVault Backup solution, NetVault TrueCDP allows you to continuously capture byte-level file system changes in real-time. Even more important, NetVault TrueCDP offers a choice of any-point-in-time (APIT), as well as fixed-point-in-time (FPIT) snapshot recovery to meet the most demanding Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objectives (RPO's and RTO's).
Integration with NetVault Backup Maximizes IT Efficiencies and Productivity 
A clear advantage offered by NetVault TrueCDP is that it is tightly integrated with NetVault Backup. After all, an estimated 70-80% of an IT budget is spent on headcount. All other IT spends considered; this leaves a small percentage of dollars available for new projects — including the deployment of new hardware and software technologies to support business continuity. Industry experts agree that integrated data protection solutions are best for maximizing efficiencies and productivity of your IT staff, as well as realizing faster ROI's. Another key consideration regarding integrated data protection solutions is the convenience of a single point of contact for service and support. BakBone's Technical Support was ranked number one by the Diogenes Labs and Storage Magazine Quality Awards in 2006.
Minimize Data Loss to Seconds — As Opposed to Hours
Taking data protection to the next level, NetVault TrueCDP captures byte level, file system changes in real-time and then journals these changes locally — separate from primary storage. Unlike “Near-CDP” point products that offer only recovery of scheduled snapshots, NetVault TrueCDP also allows recovery of your most valuable data at any-point-in-time (APIT). For users who simply can't afford to lose updates performed between scheduled snapshots, often several hours apart, NetVault TrueCDP provides very flexible recovery points to ensure recovery of data while still of high value to your organization. 
Where to Leverage NetVault TrueCDP's Fast and Flexible Rewind Capabilities
  • File servers
    • Many employees and home directories
    • Lot's of data, constantly changing
    • Very granular
  • Web servers
    • Dynamic data changing throughout the day
  • Demanding recovery expectations for select data
    • Any-point-in-time recovery
    • Effectively and efficiently protect small changes
    • No need for full backup jobs
    • Recovery is one step process to get you where you need to be
System Requirements

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Last updated 4/11/2016