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Bakbone Products
Resolving data growth and complexity issues requires careful planning and a well-defined data protection strategy. With so much at stake and so many things to consider (databases, applications, operating systems, devices, locations, etc.), finding the right solution can be a daunting task. Some well-known software and hardware companies have addressed these issues by adding a plethora of data protection products to their business/IT solution offerings. However, in truth, these products actually only solve part of the problem, and often require patching together a “complete” solution, which can result in spiraling management costs and increased compatibility risk. In addition, many of these products are difficult to integrate, hard to learn and use, and lack the flexibility to work across heterogeneous environments. 



BakBone’s data protection framework, Integrated Data Protection (IDP), embraces the new model of data protection, data availability and data retention that is flexible, cost-effective, and easy to integrate and manage. A comprehensive suite of heterogeneous data protection technologies that are seamlessly managed from a centralized console, IDP takes an integrated “building block” approach to help you achieve your data protection objectives, increase business value and reduce risk.

IDP’s fully integrated applications and core service components work in the most complex heterogeneous environments and make it easy to proactively control, configure and administer data protection requirements. With IDP’s backup, disaster recovery, replication and management capabilities, data is fully protected against loss. BakBone will continue to fully support this portfolio as it expands into continuous data protection (CDP) with the industry’s only CDP solution for heterogeneous environments.


IDP enforces data policy management to ensure accurate, up-to-date information is available to support people, processes and transactions. Because IDP is fully integrated and supports every element of the IT environment, it is the ideal solution for guaranteeing business continuity by ensuring data is always accessible.

IDP’s management capabilities give you maximum flexibility to design, implement and control data policies that meet the most stringent regulatory compliance requirements. IDP makes it easy to leverage existing tape or other archival technologies to meet long-term data storage needs.


BakBone’s IDP framework is made up of a comprehensive set of data protection technologies, including:


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Last updated 4/11/2016