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NetVault® Report Manager Pro

While data protection has become more critical, the rate of data growth has continued to explode and the management of it has become more complicated. New and evolving technologies that are designed to address the access and availability all this data have increased the complexity of the data protection environment. This complexity leads to increased costs, risks and administration challenge. The challenge for administrators is ensuring that their data is properly protected without increasing the cost or number of resources required to manage it. BakBone believes the key to a successful data protection software deployment is providing customers a holistic view of their data protection environment, as well as the ability to centrally administer it. This results in improved staff productivity and operational efficiency.

NetVault: Report Manager Pro provides file system and backup reporting for single or multi-server environments from one common interface. Tight integration with NetVault: Backup offers a single view into storage operations allowing users to proactively manage today’s growing storage and data protection environments as a whole.

Powerful, yet easy-to-use and deploy, NetVault: Report Manager Pro is comprised of three components that can be licensed either separately or together:

Uses real time notification and trend analysis to proactively present job, log, drive and media status across an entire NetVault: Backup server installation.
Monitors and analyses storage and file system data for more efficient use of storage resources. Includes a data manager that reduces administrative time and helps meet compliance requirements by letting users review in NRMD report and then automatically move, copy or delete data. It also integrates with NetVault: Backup to archive old data to tape.
Integrates Microsoft Exchange Server storage and management reporting to give administators a single view of storage and Exchange administration from one console. Gives Exchange administrators insight into Exchange database growth with analysis of email usage and traffic to help reduce the size of Exchange database files and improve email efficiency.
Centralized Management of Storage Data
To minimize the time, resources and costs to properly manage environments with multiple servers, NetVault: Report Manager provides administrators with the capability to centrally control and monitor their NetVault: Backup servers.
Predict and Eliminate Problems Before They Occur
The monitoring component of NetVault: Report Manager Pro for Backup alerts IT administrators of problems when they occur. If a client has lost a connection, or the NetVault: Backup database grows too large, the IT administrator is alerted before it becomes a problem or causes a backup job to fail.
Reduce Implementation Costs and TCO
With the budget issues that exist in many environments, IT departments are under pressure to cut costs wherever possible. While the data protection solutions themselves are a large percentage of an IT budget, they are a vital expenditure since the recoverability of data is not something companies can afford to compromise. By providing views on media utilization and backup performance, NetVault: Report Manager Pro allows administrators to identify where efficiencies in the data protection processes can be made without compromising data recoverability while helping reduce costs without compromising data protection.
Top Features:
  • Centralized control and monitoring form a single dashboard
  • User definable warnings for key thresholds
  • Trend analysis capabilities to predict infrastructure load
  • Automated disk storage and file system monitoring to detect and alert against potential problems.
  • Single, holistic view of multiple NetVault: Backup domains, backup status and media usage.
Providing comprehensive, enterprise-wide data protection monitoring and reporting capabilities, NetVault: Report Manager Pro centralizes administration, increases staff productivity and improves operational efficiency.

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Last updated 4/11/2016