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NetVault® Backup

The NetVault Backup product line helps you meet your data protection challenges by providing enterprise class data protection for complex, heterogeneous IT environments, regardless of size. The key is NetVault: Backup’s flexible modular architecture, which delivers proven reliability and high performance with an unmatched combination of features. This design provides unique capabilities that reduce deployment costs and TCO by enabling you to implement a solution designed to meet current as well as future needs. NetVault: Backup offers a number of business critical benefits:

  • Supports business growth and management of complex environments
  • Reduces implementation costs and TCO with flexible configuration options
  • Supports application investment and growth with cost-effective scaling
  • Optimizes data availability by maximizing existing resources
  • Enhances business continuity by reducing system downtime.
NetVault Backup provides advanced Reporting options, User Level Access, extensive Event Notification features, and Policy Management - making NetVault: Backup the most advanced data protection offering now available!



For data protection, disaster recovery and business continuity, NetVault: Backup provides enterprise-class data protection for complex heterogeneous environments, regardless of size.

When combined with NetVault: Backup, Application Plugin Modules (APM) ensure continuous availability of many of today's business-critical applications.
NetVault: Backup VMware Plugin protects an individual single ESX server or a full VirtualCenter while empowering users to create comprehensive, flexible backup policies without the need to either understand VCB internals nor create complex scripting.
NetVault Backup Workstation Client
NetVault: Backup Workstation Client (NVWC) expands NetVault: Backup (NVBU) enterprise-class data protection to workstations by enabling protection for vital intellectual property stored in documents and data files on desktops and laptops. NVWC’s Shadowing process creates local redundant copies to protect data against corruption and accidental deletion. Seamless integration with the NVBU Server protects the NVWC Shadow Area for long-term retention or disaster recovery to ensure business continuity. NetVault: Backup Workstation Client also maximizes IT staff efficiency by enabling end-user recovery of corrupted or accidently deleted data from NVWC Shadow Area without the assistance of the NVBU Administrator.

NetVault: Backup’s Virtual Tape Library (VTL) and Shared Virtual Tape Library (SVTL) options provide high speed, disk-to-disk backup and recovery performance by creating a virtual tape library on disk.

BakBone was the pioneer of many of today’s NDMP-based backup solutions. Our expertise continues with our NAS solutions that enhance the benefits of NDMP-based network backup performance and manageability.
Ranging from disaster recovery to device integration to open file protection, NetVault: Backup’s value added plugins enhance and extend data protection capabilities.

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Last updated 4/11/2016